We are looking for a driven Sales & Marketing Manager, with 2+ years of sales experience in the digital industry, who's looking to be a big part of scaling Europe’s #1 rated digital marketing agency for eCommerce and retail brands.

Attracting and converting big consumer brands is the goal; building strong industry partnerships, managing a robust marketing calendar and developing impactful digital strategies for prospects will be how you get us there.

If the above sounds like you, and you consider yourself truly passionate about working closely with clients and business partners to cultivate authentic and long-term relationships to reach their goals, keep reading…


"Why Reload?"

  • To put it simply, we’re in business to create growth opportunities. Empowering Reloaders to experience career firsts and our clients to hit digital firsts, year after year.
  • We only hire people who will add to our team; individuals who are driven, passionate, keen to collaborate and will work hard everyday to grow professionally and to improve what we’re doing for our clients.
  • In 2020 we realised it was time to double-down on what we’re good at, this means we now only work with eCommerce and consumer brands. This gives you the chance to become a specialist in a niche industry, deepening your knowledge and skills in eCommerce.
  • As an independent agency, our London team of 12 is like a family. We actually enjoy coming to work each day (yes, that's not a joke) as we're working across the same clients, projects and campaigns, meaning we get to know each other extremely well.
  • Unlike most other agencies of our size, we’re also backed by international offices and a global client base. This means that in 2019 our team has visited 16+ countries for client meetings, conferences and events, and by joining us, you too could have the opportunity to do a stint in one of our other markets.

We believe that not all agencies are created equal. Don't just take my word for it, look at what actual employees say about the company… https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Reviews/Reload-Digital-Reviews-E2426960.htm


"Okay, I'm hooked, but what's actually the role?"

In this role your tasks will be split into three different areas:


  • Working with prospective clients to understand their business and marketing goals, and then presenting research and recommendation to how they can grow online through a range of digital tactics.
  • Pitching, presenting and running business meetings will all be part of the process of converting your leads.
  • Working with a range of different eCommerce and consumer brands - from household names to start-ups. This variety means no day is the same.
  • This isn’t a cold-calling job - you’ll be working with interested, real leads that need help with their digital marketing.


  • You’ll be targeted on the amount of leads that you can bring in, and therefore will manage a robust marketing calendar to help support this.
  • Working with other Reloaders to ensure we are running effective digital marketing campaigns to attract big consumer brands.
  • Running industry events to position Reload as a thought-leader in the eCommerce industry.
  • Creating content for our insights blog and social media channels.
  • Looking for outreach opportunities to go hunting for leads through ABM strategies.
  • Identifying new avenues for Reload to attract eCommerce and retail brands to enquire.


  • Developing strong partnerships with a range of different partners within the eCommerce industry.
  • From technology partners and platforms to complimentary agencies, you’ll be devising targets to connect with and working with the wider team to ensure relationships are strong.


"So what experience & skills do I need?"

  • Able to be smart and strategic in problem solving prospects’ digital needs. You’ll be doing plenty of research, number crunching and creative brainstorming with the team to put together plans.
  • Extremely confident when talking to clients and collaborating with internal team-members. You’ll need to build relationships quickly with people, but also have the power of persuasion.
  • Target-driven and a desire to grow a digital agency with big ambitions. Our ambition is to be “the go-to agency for eCommerce and retail brands across Europe”, how will you help us get there?
  • Strong project management and organisation skills to manage multiple deadlines, and a stickler for formatting documents. You’ll be putting together several proposals a week, and they’ll need to look slick.
  • Have a strong understanding of digital marketing. You'll have a theoretical background (i.e A Levels and a university degree or similar) and understanding of marketing, consumer behaviour and advertising to help you devise the strategies.
  • A passion for staying on top of the latest digital marketing strategies, tactics & trends. Being able to drop-in up-to-date examples will help you win sales.


"What will my first 6 months look like?"

Busy. We throw people ‘in the deep end’, you’ll be working with prospective leads straight away and we expect people to rise to the challenge and make the most of the opportunity.

Alongside this, you’ll be provided with a comprehensive induction program, including but going beyond just client service and sales skills, and focusing on developing your marketing and strategic skills outside of this.


"And what about my progression after that?"

The learning curve is quick and Reloaders who started a few years ago are now leading strategic whiteboard sessions with clients, as if they've been in the industry for a decade!

If you show the drive, passion and willingness to develop, opportunities to progress will present themselves along the way, whether in London or one of our global offices.

Once Reloaders get to 6-12 months we run Career Growth Workshops to map out your potential career journeys, what career track you’ll likely take and what skills you’ll need to develop to get there. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to develop into a Senior, and then Team Lead position.

We always look after our own. All of our senior positions across the global business are taken by people who started their career at Reload - our GM in London began his Reload career as an Account Manager 6 years ago.


"Any other perks?"

In addition to a competitive salary and all the regular benefits, once past 6 month probation we offer:

  • Between £300-£1,500 annual PD budget based on your seniority.
  • A phone contract and new iPhone/android.
  • Regular attendance at industry conferences & events.
  • Opportunity to apply to win an international trip paid for by the company.
  • Company & government-funded pension scheme.
  • Cycle2Work scheme


To apply for a role at Reload, please send your CV and make sure to include a cover letter in your application. A successful cover letter will include clear and concise answers to these questions:

  • What is it about this job which you’re interested in?
  • Why do you think you would be great for our company?
  • How would you take Reload to the next level?
  • Which digital marketing campaign or project which you were involved in are you most proud of?